Q: What are the elements of a successful NFT project? [33]

Earlier this year I was asked to join a generative PFP project called "Broadcasters" as an influencer. BCS marketing director Schlomo Rabinowitz shares with me how they sold out in less than an hour!

Hello there, my friends.

It’s been an incredibly busy week for me, again. I’ve been working on some exciting projects with several of my consulting clients in the realms of NFTs as well as the bottom of the stack in the world of mining. Managing it all is definitely keeping me on my toes, so I’m gad I got a chance to take some time to talk with my friend Schlomo Rabinowitz this week.

Schlomo just came off an amazing stint as Marketing Director of an NFT project called Broadcasters, that sold out in 31 minutes and boasts an active discord community of over 20,000 members.

His interview (available after the break for paid subscribers) goes over what he feels were the essential bits that made this project a success, and what the cornerstones of what worked for their marketing and product plan turned out to be.

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Blockchain Bulletin

Facebook launches its Novi wallet, but with Paxos and not Diem. The long-awaited Novi wallet from Facebook has finally launched but it will only feature the Paxos Dollar stablecoin and not the Diem cryptocurrency, reported the Financial Times.

Rarible adds zero-cost NFT minting feature. The NFT marketplace Rarible has added a zero-cost minting feature that allows for delayed-publication of NFTs onto the blockchain until time of sale in order to offload high gas fees, reported CoinTelegraph.

Square considering an open-source Bitcoin mining system. Payments company Square is planning to build a fully open-source Bitcoin mining system, reported ZDNet, according to the company’s CEO Jack Dorsey, looking to open the ecosystem.

Blockchain Behind the Scenes

Animoca Brands raises $65M in even further funding for NFT gaming. Traditional gaming breaks into NFT gaming with Ubisoft investing in Animoca Brands as part of a $65 million investment that continues part of the boom cycle for blockchain gaming.

Sotheby’s invests in Mojito, the startup that powers its NFT marketplace. Mojito, which powers the backend for Sotheby’s Metaverse marketplace, raises $20 million in funds in order to offer branded marketplaces and storefronts.

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