Q: How can I pay for a subscription with crypto? [All!, #9.5]

This is a newsletter all about blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Why shouldn't you be able to pay with crypto?

Good question!

My brother was helping me promote my list to his private crypto chat groups he’s a part of the other day, and he said that a lot of his pals there were ribbing him over the fact that they couldn’t pay with Bitcoin.

Fair criticism! Substack doesn’t have direct crypto payments integration yet, unfortunately, but I do have a way to manually process subscriptions.

The easiest way to make a subscription possible is to forward this message to those requesting crypto payment, and have them follow the instructions below (or if you’re reading this out of the archives, simply follow the same instructions, but put it all in an email to askdoctorbitcoin@rizzn.com).

A month’s paid subscription is $7.
A year’s paid subscription is $70.

In both cases, let your wallet calculate that in whichever crypto you’re going to send to me, and you can use the following UD Token in most major wallets:

AskDoctorBitcoin.crypto in the address field for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum or Doge. If that doesn’t work, any of the addresses below will.

Bitcoin: 3JUYBD3VHYwRwrNZug7zBNKs7TexPyhQG6
Litecoin: MN1Mn5guNbeLnBodpA7s8kWgJXwHAfYWFv
Ethereum: 0xD9Cb776B2D5D60ECB05aa860E05D5e8A5B59b231
Dogecoin: D8sASvudw7a6jAAvTmxXkHKvMNFd1XFp4K

In your email to me, include your preferred email address (if different), the number of months you’re subscribing for, and the blockchain TXID so I can match your address to your payment.

Want an NFT Collectible as a thank you for subscribing?

Head over to OpenSea or Rarible to pick up any of the tokens currently for sale to get a lifetime subscription to Ask Doctor Bitcoin.

If you’re not up on how all that works, read more about it below!

Ask Doctor Bitcoin
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