Q: How do I self-publish a book with NFTs? [32]

This week, we dogfood using NFT technology for a slightly less conventional application: distribution of an eBook.

Hello, my friend!

It’s been a crazy week, both for me professionally, and for the market in general. We’re at all time highs, as of right now, with Ethereum and Bitcoin. Opportunists and speculators are out in full force. This morning, someone I introduced to bitcoin a few years ago asked if I wanted to join his paid cryptotrader course, and a group of oil and gas folks introduced to me by a former coworker are launching their own solar-powered bitcoin mining operation a few miles down the road from me here in Texas.

I’ve always enjoyed the doldrums periods of crypto, because that’s when the true believers are left alone long enough to come up with fun and interesting new things to try, but it’s hard not to get into the spirit of things when so many new folks are flooding the space right now.

Just like the actual wild west from American history, I do caution those of you who are currently in the space and are considered your circle’s “bitcoin guy,” or rough equivalent to learn the lessons of history. You’re already sitting on a good stake. Don’t squander your position on opportunities that are less lucrative that staying the course that brought you here.

Euphoria is fun to indulge! Just don’t let it overtake your sense of reason.

In this week’s deep dive, we’re going to basically walk through the process, step by step, of how I issued the book version of the Cypherpunk FAQ as an NFT… only available to paid subscribers!

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Blockchain Bulletin

  • Valve bans blockchain and NFT games from Steam platform. Valve has changed its policies to ban blockchain-based games and those that feature NFTs or trade in cryptocurrencies from its Steam platform, reported GamesIndustry.biz.

  • Coinbase asks Congress to create new crypto regulatory body. Coinbase reached out to Congress asking for a regulatory body that would specifically regulate cryptocurrencies, according to a blog post, and published its own policy suggestions.

  • Coinbase plans to add a peer-to-peer NFT marketplace. Coinbase has also announced the upcoming launch of its own NFT marketplace that will feature social feeds, minting, showcases and compete in the NFT market.

Blockchain Behind the Scenes

  • Binance announces $1B fund to boost adoption of its smart chain. Cryptocurrency exchange Binance has announced Binance Smart Chain Fund with $1 billion in order to fast track development of its digital assets and blockchain technology.

  • Stripe assembles a new crypto engineering team. Payment processor Stripe is assembling a new crypto engineering team led by Guillaume Poncin that would plot the company’s upcoming cryptocurrency course.

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