🦃: Lets give thanks for blockchain! [37]

This Turkey Day, looking back at the journey that this year has brought, I'm amazed and thankful at the progress of the sector. With a larger profile comes attacks from higher profile haters.

Happy Turkey Day, my friend!

Today’s missive is a bit shorter and more self-indulgent, in accordance with the holiday we celebrate here in the US. Today is, of course, Thanksgiving, and we’re very thankful for a lot of things: This nice bull market, the fact that Macy’s is popularizing NFTs during the Thanksgiving Parade today, and that we have an ever expanding universe of technology to explore in the realm of blockchain.

I continue to be surprised by how quickly NFTs have passed into the mainstream, and how quickly their aims are actually being achieved. Macy’s NFTs today, with little prior fanfare, were selling in the neighborhood of $300k each, on the Polygon network, using a marketplaced called Sweet.io.

With greater success comes the problems of having a larger target on our backs. There’s been a growing drumbeat of regulators, politicians and pundits using crypto as a scapegoat for societies ills, ranging from destruction of the environment to runaway inflation.

It’s often said by financial analysts that Bitcoin and the crypto markets ought not to be looked at as a hedge against traditional finance market indexes like the Dow Jones, but as a hedge against traditional finance itself.

Now that the narrative is taking root, it should come as no surprise that those who live and die by success of the established system it should be staunchly defended.

After the fold, today, I’m editorializing on a particular newer style attack on the sector.

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Blockchain Bulletin

BlockchainSpace expands its guild hub for play-to-earn games with $3.5M fundraise.

Looking to expand its services to assist guilds in pay-to-earn games, BlockchainSpace has announced a fundraise of $3.75 million, reported CoinTelegraph.

Brave integrates a native cryptocurrency wallet.

The Brave Browser, best known for protecting the privacy of its users and providing crypto integration, has added its own fully-native cryptocurrency wallet to replace third-party wallets, reported The Verge.

Blockchain Behind the Scenes

ConstitutionDAO loses bid to buy the U.S. Constitution to a $43.2M bid.

The collective behind the ConstitutionDAO successfully raised $40 million in a token raise, however, it was outbid by $3.2 million, reported The Motley Fool.

ConsenSys, maker of MetaMask, raises $200M in funding.

The company behind MetaMask, ConsenSys raised $200M in funding led by HSBC and the hedge fund Third Point in order to expand its services and offerings.

The Blockchain Association raises $4M for lobbying efforts in Washington D.C.

With increasing scrutiny from policymakers aimed at the crypto industry, The Blockchain Association has raised $4 million to bolster its lobbying efforts on Capitol Hill.

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